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Our Trackers

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Introducing our trackers

Our tracking fleet mainly consists of Queclink GSM trackers, the majority of which are the newest GL320MG model. These little devices are robust and reliable. Each year, we use them across hundreds of events with very few issues.

Because they are GSM trackers, they roam across available cell networks to transmit and receive data, using GPS to determine their location to within 2.5m. By avoiding slow and expensive satellite data transfers, they offer far better functionality and performance, including remote diagnostics.

Just Turn them on

All our trackers arrive with you fully charged and tested. To start tracking, all you need to do is turn them on and our mapping software does the rest. They are all pre-allocated and we provide you with a list of tracker numbers and the corresponding participant names.

We know that not everyone reads user guides, so we’ve kept things as simple as possible. And if there are issues, we always include spare trackers – activated and ready to go.

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Our Tracker Features

Our Queclink GSM trackers may less than 100g, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to features.

Adjustable Interval

Normally five minutes, but this can be as low as one second

HIgh Accuracy

With 2.5m accuracy, they are 4x more accurate than a SPOT Gen4

Detailed Logs

Speed, power on/off, temperature and more are all recorded

Remote Control

All settings can be updated remotely, as well as rebooting

Buffered Data

If the connection is lost, data continues being recorded

FuNction Button

A programmable function button allows for customisation

USB Rechargeable

No expensive or environmentally damaging batteries are needed

POwerful Antenna

They work within within bags and can be oriented in any direction

Overdrive Mode

Close to the finish, trackers increase interval frequency to one minute

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Satellite-Only Solutions

While our GSM trackers offer a huge range of advantages, there are some parts of the world where network coverage still limits their implementation. For these areas, SPOT or Garmin inReach trackers may be a better option.

This is why our team in the USA operate a fleet of SPOT Gen4 trackers in tandem with their GSM trackers, allowing them to cover all possibilities. For advice on which option is best suited to you, feel free to reach out.

USer Guides

We have comprehensive user guides for our trackers, covering everything key features and troubleshooting to postage and return instructions.

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